Paper Products

Paper print products such as Flyers, Door Hangers and Business Cards are still the best way to attract local customers and to introduce your business to the public, at a low cost. They can be used to advertise your upcoming events, shows, grand opening or your local services in a new area.

ProductSize(s)Min. Qnty.StockTurnaround
Business Cards3.5″ x 2″50014 pt.3 – 5 Bus. Days

Your business card is a key element when introducing yourself and your business to potential customers, or to use as referral cards to attract new customers and businesses.

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ProductSize(s)Min. Qnty.StockTurnaround
Flyers5.5″x8.5″, 8.5″x11″500100 Lb.3 – 5 Bus. Days

Flyers can be handed out, left in mailboxes, front doors or under windshield wipers to advertise your services and your new products.

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ProductSize(s)Min. Qnty.StockTurnaround
Door Hangars3.5″x8.5″, 4.25″x11″50014 Pt.4 – 6 Bus. Days

Greet your customers right at their front door with Door Hangers. One of the best ways to promote your local services within your own backyard.

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